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Oracle Aconex

Oracle Aconex, a software tool for construction management, is your comprehensive solution for Document and Project Control. The tool is designed to enhance collaboration and process management throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects.
At Primaned, we understand the complexity and challenges involved in managing projects within the construction and engineering sector. One of the biggest challenges is effectively managing documentation and streamlining communication between project teams. The Oracle Aconex platform provides a solution that not only simplifies document stream but also improves collaboration among various parties

Centralised Document Management

With Oracle Aconex, information dissemination within projects is streamlined by storing all documentation, such as drawings, plans, and reports, in one central location. This centralisation prevents different versions of the same document from being scattered across various locations within the organisation, which often leads to confusion and errors. It also prevents the loss or misplacement of documents due to dispersion across different platforms and emails. Oracle Aconex addresses this issue by ensuring that all documentation is easily accessible to everyone involved, with changes tracked in real-time. By creating a single source of truth (Common Data Environment), the likelihood of miscommunication and errors is drastically reduced, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient project management process.

Efficient Project Communication

In (complex) projects, a common issue is the occurrence of delays in project progress due to slow decision-making processes and unclear communication. Oracle Aconex resolves this by providing a platform with a single source of truth for communication, documents, processes, and models, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. The tool not only promotes collaboration among team members but also optimises decision-making processes through direct, streamlined communication channels. This means that queries, comments, and approvals are processed more swiftly, safeguarding project milestones. Furthermore, the built-in traceability of communication ensures clarity regarding who, what, and when agreements are made, which is crucial for change management and dispute resolution.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Project Performance

At Primaned, we aim for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in (construction) projects by harnessing the power of advanced technologies. A key to this success is the integration of Oracle Aconex within the comprehensive Smart Construction Platform, which also includes Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC), Primavera Unifier, and Oracle Textura Payment Management. The integration between Oracle Aconex and other components of the Smart Construction Platform enables smooth data exchange. Oracle Primavera Cloud facilitates project planning and management, while Primavera Unifier excels in cost management and project delivery. Together with Oracle Aconex’s robust document management and collaboration features, this provides a comprehensive solution for project control and execution.

A Complete Solution from Design to Construction

A common challenge in design and construction projects is the lack of coordination between different phases of the project, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs due to errors and rework. Aconex ensures reliable collaboration and integrated process management throughout the entire lifecycle, with quick access to insights.

  • Quickly find what you need with a single source of truth for communication, documents, processes, and models.
  • Maintain control over project document management and oversee the flow of processes, including reviews, submissions, and RFIs.
  • Connecting processes and data provides insights to keep projects on track.
  • For clients: project-delivery oversight, risk mitigation, easy handover.
  • For contractors: a common environment for project delivery and controls. Process standardization makes it easy for teams to work safer and faster

Integrated Project Control

A common issue we consistently encounter in project management is the lack of transparency and control over costs and contracts, which can result in budget overruns and delays in project delivery. Through its integrated project control features, Aconex provides a clear and up-to-date overview of all costs and contractual obligations. For example, this enables project managers to respond more efficiently to changes and proactively take measures to keep the project within the established budget and schedule.

  • Gain insight into project performance across costs and scheduling.
  • Manage project changes, including scope, budget, and contingency drawdowns.
  • Streamline the management of contract changes with a single portal to handle contracts upstream and downstream.
  • Proactively monitor project performance with real-time cost tracking and variance analysis.

True Common Data Environment (CDE)

Within complex projects, data and communication fragmentation often occur between different teams and organisations due to poor data management. This often leads to inconsistencies, errors, and delays, as information is not always easily accessible or up to date. Aconex’s common data environment provides the solution for this. With Aconex, all stakeholders have access to a single source of truth where everyone can collaborate within the platform. This ensures seamless integration of data management and communication between different teams and organisations, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors and delays.

  • One platform connects teams, processes, and data throughout the entire lifecycle and supply chain
  • Intuitive to learn and use
  • Neutral – all organisations are equal
  • Industry-leading security

Always Connected, Anywhere, Anytime

The inability to communicate and collaborate effectively often leads to misunderstandings, delays, and potential safety risks on construction sites. This is due to a lack of access to real-time information and documentation. Through the mobile application of Aconex, teams working on-site can track and share project information, manage inspections, and access models, designs, and documentation anytime, anywhere.

  • Real-time collaboration and process control on the jobsite with easy-to-use mobile apps
  • Fast and easy access to the latest set of drawings
  • Automate and standardise any inspection process
  • By spending less time on administration, you can focus on important activities such as ensuring quality and preventing safety incidents
  • All apps from the Smart Construction Platform are integrated with Aconex, for one complete project record

Full Control and a Secure Data Environment

The lack of control and trust among different participating organisations can lead to reluctance in sharing essential information. This lack of openness and transparency can cause inefficiency, slow down project progress, and increase the risk of conflicts. Oracle Aconex’s unique data ownership model provides a solution by giving each organisation full control over their own data while providing a secure environment for sharing necessary information. This promotes trust and collaboration, leads to more streamlined communication and efficient project execution, and helps prevent or resolve disputes more quickly.

  • Each organisation controls their own data and determines what they share
  • Secure, private workspaces for each organisation
  • An immutable audit trail leads to fewer disputes and faster resolutions
  • Increased trust and acceptance create a single source of project truth
  • Complete information capture maximises data and insights to optimise processes and performance

Get Started Quickly in Aconex with Support from Primaned

Many organisations in the construction industry do not utilise integrated systems, leading to unclear management processes in their associated projects. By choosing Aconex and Primaned as your implementation partner, we guarantee a solution that is quick to implement, easy to configure, and operational within a few days. We collaborate to efficiently manage and set up your processes and workflows, ensuring smoother project execution and overall project performance improvement.

  • Connected processes and data drives performance, insights, continuous learning, and control
  • Set up flexible processes based on your way of working and and change as you grow
  • Secure and compliant, meeting the highest international security standards.
  • Unmatched service and support ensure that your projects start as smoothly as possible and continue to run smoothly

Key Benefits

In summary, we have listed the key benefits below if you choose Aconex and Primaned as your implementation partner.

  • Control, insights, effortless handover, and fast ROI
  • Process management throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Enhanced collaboration through connected project teams
  • Common data environment (CDE) that connects all project and model information
  • Configurable platform – enables specific processes
  • Improved data management and reduced errors with a single source of truth
  • Continuous improvement through data-driven intelligence
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