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Application Consultancy

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial that businesses are actively upgrading their technology infrastructure to support more effective, more efficient operations. But implementing new tools can be challenging, especially if you’re keen to ensure that your new systems can quickly begin delivering value. 

If you want to help your implementations go as smoothly as possible, Primaned’s application consultancy service and team of consultants can help. Our team of specialists are ready to work with you to configure your tools, train your staff, and ensure you can hit the ground running. 


Making small mistakes early on can result in big problems further down the line. Give yourself and your business the best possible start by ensuring that your new tools are set up in the right way, from the very beginning. Primaned’s application consultants understand the complexities that come with setting up best-of-breed solutions, and can help set up your system in a way that drives top outcomes from start to finish.


Even the best system setup on paper can fail to meet specific business requirements in real world scenarios. That’s why Primaned’s application consultants support clients in creating test scripts that are designed to replicate the day-to-day routine of end users. This can highlight any existing – or potential – issues in the setup which can be addressed in a timely manner, ensuring that the setup will work exactly as intended. 


Although your system may be set up and working as expected, you’re never on your own. Primaned’s application consultants ensure that every client is comfortable and confident using the new tools, and that detailed handover documentation is provided to offer ongoing support for growing businesses. Robust handover measures are crucial in ensuring new tools are smoothly integrated into daily life. 

What is an Application Consultant?

An application consultant is an experienced software and business specialist operating within the technology industry. While an organisation will have selected a new solution for its ability to meet specific operational needs, an application consultant ensures that the system is being implemented in a way that best matches the tool’s features and functionality with the requirements of the organisation.

Translating Business Needs into Working Solutions

Primaned’s application consultants work to translate business needs into working solutions. Our consultants work closely with businesses to gain a full understanding of where they are now, where they need to be in the future, and the role that technology can play in getting them there. By providing advice, guidance, and support in implementing new software, our consultants help drive success. 

How Can an Application Consultant Help You?

Along with installation and configuring new tools, application consultants can help to train your users, ensuring they’re able to utilise the new solution in the most effective and efficient way. This can reduce the risk of errors, help you to start getting the most from your software from day one, and minimise frustrations. Most of all, training reduces the disruption of change, and helps boost new tool adoption.

Focus on Optimised User Adoption

No one likes change. If your team has been accustomed to relying on older legacy systems, one of the most challenging aspects of implementation can be simply getting them to embrace something new. Application consultants are particularly skilled in this area, acting as part of your change management team to demonstrate to users how they can benefit by embracing modern solutions.

Benefits of Working With Primaned

  • Consultants with in depth knowledge of best-in-breed solutions
  • Specialists in implementing Safran, PMWeb, Oracle Primavera, and more
  • Committed to getting to know clients and their needs
  • Excellent business analyst skills to help your organisation grow
  • Ability to communicate with users, managers, and executives
Sjef Van Vugt

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