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Managed Hosting

Embracing digital transformation? Fantastic, you also need to consider managed hosting. Cloud-based project controls and digitalised project management are emerging as hugely effective ways to maximise efficiency, streamline operations, standardise processes, and drive successful outcomes. The only problem? You may be using multiple tools to achieve your goal, which means you’re always having to switch between mission critical applications. And your IT organisation can’t keep up with these specialised tools

Smart organisations are using specialized managed hosting or cloud solutions. 

Managed hosting or Cloud brings together all your cloud-based project tools into one single, centralised environment that you can access quickly, easily, and from anywhere, at any time. Supporting over 200 different project management tools – including Oracle Primavera P6 and Safran Risk – Primaned and Loadspring keeps everything you need in one place.


Loadspring is the home of project controls solutions. From scheduling apps and risk analysis solutions to big data and business intelligence insights, the platform hosts all your crucial project tools in one easy-to-find place. Need to make a schedule in Oracle Primavera P6 or need to run a simulation through Safran Risk? Just open your browser, navigate to your Loadspring dashboard, and you’ll see it right there amongst your cloud-based apps. It couldn’t be any simpler.


Why do businesses love managed hosting powered by Loadspring? Because it’s designed to make using your preferred project tools easier, rather than needing to switch to a completely new solution. The apps you use through our hosting platform are exactly the same as what you use today, with the same features, the same functionality, and the same great user experience. Loadspring simply acts as a gateway to make them easy to access.


Online safety and security is a primary focus for Loadspring, and multiple measures are in place to help keep your projects, your data, and your business safe and protected. With a zero-trust policy in place, an 8-step security process, and SOC 2 Type II certification, Loadspring offers an additional layer of security, helping to reduce risk and prevent your apps from being targeted by cyber hackers.

Take Your Project Controls into the Cloud

If you’ve been dreaming of building a centralised cloud-based project suite, Loadspring is just what you need to take your project controls efforts fully into the cloud. Accessed through an intuitive web-based dashboard, Loadspring makes it easy to access your crucial tools from anywhere, at any time, from any connected device. Even a shared Primavera P6 environment where you can onboard with 1 user? Or do you need real time intel at your fingertips? That’s exactly what Loadspring is for.

Why a hosting platform by Primaned & Loadspring?

Loadspring is the world’s leading project management cloud portal, used for more than 4000 businesses globally. Regardless of whether you’re planning and executing small jobs, or working on large and complex projects, Loadspring effortlessly hosts the tools you need safely, securely, accessibly, and affordably. Ultimately, Loadspring helps you derive even more value from your carefully chosen software.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Whether it’s reducing the security risks associated with using cloud-based applications, helping you save time by accessing your vital tools quicker, getting more value from your software, or making better decisions through built-in analytics, Loadspring could be what your business needs to gain a competitive edge. Do more, achieve more, and instantly step up when your clients expect more.

Managed hosting advantages

  • Completely customisable; take your favourite apps into the cloud
  • Guaranteed uptime, so your apps are accessible when you need them
  • Built in reporting and insights to aid smarter decision making
  • Adjustable SLA’s and additional services by the Project Controls experts from Primaned
  • 24/7 support from Technical experts
  • All your mission-critical apps, one single, easy-to-use interface

How we can help

Primaned can help you get the very best out of Loadspring, thanks to our in-house team of platform experts. We’re here to provide up-to-the minute advice and tailored support, along with troubleshooting and maintenance solutions.

  • Our experienced experts will work closely with you to understand your business and your needs
  • Get a private and customised solution built around your current systems and exacting requirements or
  • Take advantage of a Out of the Box shared (with privacy for your projects) Oracle Primavera P6 environment
  • We’ll provide tailored, personalised support, through each stage of the project lifecycle
  • 24/7 support from our own team of cloud experts
  • Access real-time data on demand
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