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Safran Risk

Safran Risk is an internationally-leading risk analysis tool that helps teams to build risk into the initial planning stages of their projects. This is key to ensuring any potential obstacles to success are managed effectively and efficiently to drive improved outcomes. The software provides teams with greater insight into projects, and utilises real-time data to help planners make smarter, more timely decisions to move their projects in the right direction.

Save Time

Time overruns continue to pose one of the biggest challenges for project teams, with delays having the potential to significantly impact the success of a project. Often, risk analysis can further exacerbate these problems, with teams attempting to manually assess the level of risk a project faces. Safran Risk comprehensively addresses this issue, providing a single platform for automated risk assessment that can minimise or even eliminate delays entirely.

Save Money

Cost overruns are another major problem which modern planning teams routinely face. The potential to go notably over budget can result in contract losses and reputation damage. Safran Risk enables project teams to perform a full and comprehensive cost analysis for every stage of a project, from start to finish. It reduces the risk of encountering costly problems and the need to implement costly fixes.

Optimise Resources

Safran Risk offers a deep understanding and transparent forecast of the project journey. It allows leaders to more accurately allocate resources and predict the need for future resources across all phases of the project’s life cycle. Resource optimisation is key to reducing delays and managing costs, ensuring that the resources that are needed to manage the project are in place at the right time to boost success.

Risk Management for All Industries

Safran Risk boasts flexible features and broad functionality. The software is designed to be successfully rolled out across multiple industries, bringing unique value to teams working on both large and small projects in a variety of fields. The tool has been designed for simple use within oil, gas, and utilities, commercial aviation, manufacturing, construction and more, offering unrivalled risk assessments for all.

What is Safran?

Safran Risk software provides project teams with a fully integrated risk analysis environment that includes a number of highly beneficial features. These include real-time planning tools, risk model validation, automatic schedule checking, data analysis, risk calendars, and instant feedback. All features come together to help project teams better understand the level of risk that their projects face, create actionable plans for any possible scenario, and ensure effective solutions can be put into place quickly and easily to efficiently manage risk events, reduce their impact and improve outcomes.

Building a Full Project Suite

While project controls tooling options such as Oracle Primavera P6 are key to planning projects with confidence, many lack the comprehensive risk analysis features that are needed to incorporate risk into the very early stages of the planning process. Safran Risk is intended to work alongside existing project controls applications to help teams build a full project suite containing everything needed to elevate project results. Safran removes the need for teams to manually calculate risk, automating processes to not only identify more substantial risks, but also to reduce the chance of human error.

Benefits of Safran

By using Safran risk and building risk analysis into the earliest stages of project planning, project teams experience a wide range of benefits that can help them save time, save money, optimise resources, and ultimately help their business to maintain a competitive advantage. Benefits of Safran Risk include the ability to undertake a full cost analysis across every stage of the project, consider a variety of risk models, introduce rapid changes to avoid risk, make faster, more informed decisions, and ensure that all data included in analysis is derived from your own project controls tools.

How we can Help

Primaned is proud to be part of the Safran global partner network. We are approved to provide advice, tooling license and support to clients across Europe. In addition to licenses to get you started, we also offer ongoing maintenance and support, and troubleshooting through the Primaned help desk to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Risk analysis features for all stages of the life cycle
  • Clear, consistent risk management data for all stakeholders
  • Key component making up a fully comprehensive project controls suite
  • Develop stronger estimation processes by comparing predictions with reality
  • Compatible with Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, and Safran Project
  • Automatically push schedule changes in Safran from existing project software
  • Ongoing support and assistance from an approved Safran partner
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