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For businesses operating within the construction, healthcare, Government, utilities and chemicals industries, PMWeb offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution. It aids in the management of large scale capital projects throughout the entirety of the plan-build-operate lifecycle, providing support from start to finish to help teams manage complex projects with confidence. With PMWeb, all stakeholders can come together to work more efficiently and effectively, and make smarter decisions using real time project data.


PMWeb is designed for easy use by anyone involved in the project planning process, including scheduling, cost planning and resource allocation experts. Featuring a number of planning tools such as vendor prequalification, risk analysis, and BIM, it gives users unique insight into even the most complex of projects to support improved decision making, risk mitigation, and generation of expected outcomes every time.


PMWeb empowers your project teams to build cost controls, document controls, estimates, reports, schedules, and workflows quickly and easily with integrated ‘drag and drop’ functionality. Whether building a strong business case for tendering, or for budget approval, PMWeb gives your teams fingertip access to the tools they need to build long term master plans incorporating accurate project data from multiple departments.


Multiple features within the PMWeb software suite – such as asset management, lease management, and workflows – enable project teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. You can expect to boost internal performance and maximise external results. A particularly powerful solution for facility services and property management, the software allows teams to manage properties and facilities with greater convenience.

Implementing PMWeb with Support From Primaned

Primaned is the official European partner for US-based PMWeb. We are approved to provide pre-sales advice, sell tooling licenses, implement, maintain, and train users to ensure project teams across Europe are deriving the most value from the software.

What is PMWeb?

Launched in 2007, PMWeb has fast become one of the most comprehensive project management tools available to businesses today. It gives teams the tools they need to plan, build, and operate with greater levels of efficiency. This all-in-one software suite comprises a number of distinct modules – ranging from portfolio planning and cost management to scheduling, visual workflows, asset management, and more. It encourages greater stakeholder collaboration, boosts access to critical project data, and empowers leaders to successfully bake project controls into the foundation of their strategies. It is increasingly being adopted by leaders who want all stakeholders to work within the same systems to eradicate data silos and create a single, transparent ‘source of truth’.

Why Use PMWeb?

PMWeb is designed to address two of the biggest and most urgent problems in project management today: the lack of a ‘big picture’ overview of activities across all departments, and data silos within an organisation. It achieves this through the development of a single, consolidated system to collect, store, and analyse information emerging from all project stakeholders. The result is improved insight into the project, enabling teams to better understand the current status, anticipate potential problems, and respond rapidly to reduce the impact of challenges and elevate end results. Improved visibility is central to more informed decision making, driving projects forward in the right direction, and minimising the risk of errors in judgement.

Technisch Consultant Primaned Implementatie

How Primaned Can Help

As an approved European PMWeb partner, we can help businesses to implement and utilise PMWeb in a number of different ways in line with your needs. Our PMWeb services include the provision of a PMWeb license to get started, installation of the application within your existing technical infrastructure, configuration and optimisation, maintenance and ongoing software support, dedicated PMWeb helpdesk and training via the Primaned Academy. Our PMWeb training programme is flexible and customisable to ensure all businesses have the opportunity to be trained on the specific modules of PMWeb that they plan to use. Training can take place either online or at your venue, with the length of the course determined by the number of modules.

Making a Smart Choice

If you’ve been trying to compare handfuls of different systems – perhaps including Oracle Primavera Cloud, PMWeb, e-Builder, and Unifier, for example – PMWeb is undoubtedly the most suitable choice for large scale capital construction projects. It has been purposefully designed to to navigate the complex plan-build-operate journey.

  • Modular system – only use the modules you need
  • Capable of replacing up to 25 siloed systems with a single interface
  • Ensure all stakeholders have access to the same data
  • Drag and drop functionality for ease of use
  • Web-based, for use anywhere, via any connected device
  • Available in multiple languages to support European businesses
  • Award-winning business intelligence software
  • Installation, maintenance, and training from Leading European partner
Sjef Van Vugt

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