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Oracle Primavera Cloud

With an ever increasing competitive landscape, today’s projects require comprehensive monitoring, control and analysis to drive satisfactory results for all stakeholders. Oracle Primavera Cloud is a single software solution that holistically encompasses all aspects of project controls from planning, resource and cost management through to risk analysis and document collation.

With all data stored in the cloud, Oracle Primavera Cloud facilitates faster agreements and smarter decision making thanks to improved access to the essential data needed to drive projects in the right direction.


Oracle Primavera Cloud empowers planning teams to take full control of the projects they’re working on by clearly and transparently displaying valuable project data from across the organisation. As project teams become more geographically dispersed, working from multiple locations across multiple countries, cloud-based software is fast becoming a strategic necessity in the remote environment. It ensures all stakeholders have access to the real-time data they need to maintain control of complex projects.


Oracle Primavera Cloud provides planning teams with a unique opportunity to adapt their existing internal processes and working protocols to optimise efforts and drive better results for clients. Many planning teams continue to rely heavily on manual tools such as Microsoft Excel which are highly inefficient and unsuitable for complex project monitoring, especially when it comes to tracking costs and hours. By optimising internal processes, teams can introduce project automation to save both time and money.


Oracle Primavera Cloud has emerged as one of the most effective and efficient ways to break down organisational silos, bringing all stakeholders together to work towards a common, shared goal. Planners, managers and executives – wherever they are – are able to work jointly at portfolio level using the same key performance indicators, budget data and scenarios. Data sharing at this level ensures that all project activities, across all departments, continually align with the project criteria.

Professional Tooling for Project Controls

Primaned is an Oracle European partner. We’re experienced in the supply, implementation and training of Oracle Primavera Cloud to organisations striving to maximise data visibility across their projects and develop more efficient, effective internal processes. We help our clients to drive improved decision making and deliver better outcomes for their clients. We work with businesses in various industries seeking derive the most value from project controls tooling and help them stay one step ahead of competitors.

Leading Cloud-Based Tooling

Oracle Primavera Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that’s designed to transform how organisations approach professional project management, from planning right through to forensics. A comprehensive ‘all-rounder’, Oracle Primavera Cloud is a holistic solution that encompasses everything that businesses need to improve their management strategies. Portfolio optimisation, project scheduling, performance monitoring and risk analysis are all contained within a single interface, eradicating the need for multiple legacy systems and ensuring everyone’s on the same page, always.

Data Sharing for Enhanced Results

Oracle Primavera Cloud is one of the only all-in-one project controls software solutions available today that addresses the growing adoption of remote working across planning teams. It enables you to maintain and manage relationships across all relevant departments and create a single, shared platform for data sharing. While cost estimators traditionally utilise dedicated estimation tools, planners use scheduling software, and risk managers use their own specialist solutions, Oracle Primavera Cloud supports all project-related activities and provides a single platform for all project data.

Tooling for all Roles & Sectors

Oracle Primavera Cloud has been developed to drive improved outcomes for all stakeholders, across all industries. We have worked with clients across construction, energy, ICT, infrastructure, maritime, aviation, pharmaceutical, offshore, petrochemistry, and the public sector to implement Oracle Primavera Cloud and roll the solution out across project teams. We work particularly closely with project managers, engineers, cost controllers, risk managers, schedulers and team leaders to ensure that the installation meets the needs of key stakeholders.

Getting the Most From Your Tooling

Oracle Primavera Cloud is undoubtedly one of the best ways to maximise the visibility of project data across an organisation, and maintain full control over every aspect of even the most complex project to reduce risk and improve outcomes. However, at Primaned we believe that project controls tooling is only as good as the person using it. 

That’s why we recommend combining project controls tooling with support from Primaned Academy. We offer dedicated training in the use of project controls software to ensure all users derive the most value from the tools they choose to implement.

  • Project and portfolio planning
  • Comprehensive planning & scheduling
  • Full project visibility
  • Access data anywhere, any time
  • Share data across all stakeholders
  • Fast implementation and roll out across departments
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