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Primaned Academy

Primaned’s dedicated training academy is committed to supporting the next generation of planners, engineers, and analysts to maximise performance and minimise risk. Offering both project controls tooling and specialisation courses, Primaned Academy empowers teams to enhance their knowledge and develop robust, resilient strategies to help them improve planning with smarter, data-driven decision making.


Stop searching for planners with the right skills, and start searching for planners with the right mindset. With Primaned Academy, project leaders can expand the candidate pool to build a strong, robust and future-focused team from the ground up. By onboarding passionate graduates from technical backgrounds and training them in project controls, leaders can unlock the potential talent that lies within graduate level engineers and create a team of specialists skilled in the most vital areas.


Train your team in niche aspects of project controls and risk management to derive the most value from your planners and maintain a competitive advantage within your industry. With a selection of both introductory courses and advanced specialisms including change control, integral planning management, and claims analysis, Primaned Academy enables project leaders to train for the skills they need, when they need them, to bring talent 100% in-house and reduce or eradicate outsourcing costs.


Primaned Academy works closely with project leaders to help them implement vital, professional development opportunities for their planners and engineers. Training plays a significant role in the employee experience, and positions organisations as much more than just a place to work, transforming them into incubators for growth. The right training course can turn good planners into great planners with a Primaned Academy certificate, reducing staff turnover, enhancing satisfaction, and boosting productivity.

Project Controls Training for Teams

Planning and scheduling strategies that are not firmly rooted in project controls can have devastating impacts on overall outcomes, increasing the risk of delays, cost overruns, and reputational losses that can limit opportunities for organisational growth and development. Building a solid foundational knowledge of project controls through dedicated training in tooling and specialist areas is key to facilitating powerful results.

Close the Skills Gap

Regain control of your team and their potential by addressing the skills gaps that exist within your planning department. Primaned Academy’s full catalogue of courses covers everything that’s needed to become a talented, confident, and future-focused engineer, from learning the basic definitions and terms used with project controls environments to risk management specialisations and Oracle Primavera P6 training. We’ve designed our courses to allow project leaders to focus on individual areas where there’s room for improvement, building a team with a diverse, comprehensive skill set.

Get the Most From Your Team

As every project leader knows all too well, project controls training can be a challenging area to navigate. With no standard qualification or educational pathway for planners, teams typically comprise of those from very different professional backgrounds. Primaned Academy training courses aim to standardise processes, protocols, and practices across budgeting, organisation, time management, quality control, and risk assessment to elevate project teams into centres of excellence, utilising modern, robust methodologies that enable teams to work together across all projects.

Become a Leader

Primaned Academy training courses are designed, developed, and delivered by experienced academics, professional teachers, renowned consultants, and skilled engineers to ensure that every programme provides expert knowledge, valuable and actionable insight, and unrivalled support. Whether selecting a comprehensive project controls programme or a specialist course, our aim is to drive both individual teams and the organisations they work for to become leaders in their field, transforming the industry to set new standards and benchmarks for project planning and scheduling.

Future-Proof Your Project Management Office

At Primaned Academy, our mission is to share our knowledge of project controls and provide all planners, engineers, and analysts with the tools they need to navigate the project landscape with confidence. Ultimately, we want to support leaders as they train and educate their team, empowering them to achieve more and drive the best results while building a strong reputation within their field to attract and engage new clients. 

Educating in improved data collection and analysis behaviours is key to achieving this, developing strong, uniform processes that shape the future of project management.

  • More than 35 years experience in project controls
  • Experienced teachers with a broad overview of the sector
  • Full catalogue covering foundations, tooling, and specialisms
  • Half-day, full-day, and multi-day courses available
  • Remote and classroom training options
  • Programmes developed by leading academics
  • Tailor made solutions personalised to your needs
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