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Corporate Real Estate Management – CREM

Whether your organisation owns real estate itself, or maintains an extensive build portfolio, managing with efficiency and control is vital. Many landlords lack the insight needed to oversee their portfolios with confidence. That’s where corporate real estate management, or CREM, can help. It empowers assets teams to develop stronger and more resilient strategies based on real-time data, organisation, and collaboration.


CREM solutions make it easy to switch from working with separate, disjointed Excel spreadsheets to organising all relevant data effectively within a single, accessible environment. Improved organisation ensures that all stakeholders can effortlessly find, access, and analyse the real-time data they need, significantly reducing the amount of time that your staff spends searching for the information they need to make decisions.


It’s often said that to become an effective company, everyone needs to add data to the same system, with one interface acting as a single source of truth for all stakeholders. That’s exactly what good CREM solutions achieve. All parties – real estate managers, capital projects managers, real estate directors, site managers, site representatives, and asset managers can use the same CREM system to guide their actions.


The need for change is urgent in real estate. Yet a major deterrent to implementing change is the increased workload for teams that are already overburdened. We help to alleviate the burden with a 100% web-based CREM system that, along with being offered as a self-hosted application, can be provided on a SaaS or managed hosted basis, ensuring maximum security and value with minimal effort for your internal IT team. 

Gain Greater Control Over Your Portfolio

While many corporations own and lease real estate, some lack the internal processes and deep insights that are needed to maintain full control over their portfolio. Perhaps roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined. Maybe data silos cause inefficiencies or promote activities that don’t align with company goals. Whatever it is, at Primaned we strive to address these issues with a single CREM platform that gives you complete control.

Make Smarter Decisions Using Data

With some businesses managing upwards of 200 projects at a time – each in a different phase of development ranging from preliminary design to construction – a great deal of complexity exists within the project controls process. Data, which is typically stored and accessed through separate Excel files, becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming to locate as needed to make better, smarter, and more timely decisions. A CREM solution creates an instant, centralised system for clients, consultants, contractors, and planners to store their documents and access information from other stakeholders, gaining insight into the workflow that empowers them to make the best decisions.

Position Yourself as a Leader

As both availability and awareness of project management tools grows across Europe, today’s clients are increasingly looking to partner with organisations able to demonstrate a commitment to utilising the right resources to minimise risk and increase the chance of successful outcomes. Businesses unable to demonstrate a commitment to excellence are most likely to struggle to retain their client base. A good CREM solution can help to position your organisation as a leader within the field, highlighting a dedication to building insight and control into internal processes to reduce the risk of both time and cost overruns, providing clients with confidence.

Support When You Need It

At Primaned, we’re proud to offer a full end-to-end corporate real estate management solution that incorporates business consultancy, software provision, and team training. Our experienced, professional consultants work closely with our clients to help them introduce digital transformation seamlessly into teams who are accustomed to working with more traditional, manual processes. We work to implement new solutions into the environment in a way that’s simple and straightforward, with minimal pushback. Ultimately, our aim is to support our clients when they need it most, providing a common data environment with everything you need to oversee CREM with one tool.

Become a Strategic CREM Expert

Taking measures to transform yourself from busy manager to strategic CREM visionary can elevate your team into a hugely valuable business unit that plays a key role in overall organisational success. By using your Primaned CREM solution to improve internal processes, generate insightful, actionable reports and take greater control of project outcomes and results, your team can lead with confidence.

  • Set your organisation up for success
  • Create a powerful common data environment
  • Turn complex projects into easy-to-set up workflows
  • Build informed, uniform team processes
  • Empower your team through digitisation
  • Maintain competitive advantage
  • Manage complexities and gain control
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