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Technical Consultant

Primaned’s experienced technical consultant specialists and project controls application experts guide you as you implement new software and digital solutions into your processes with confidence. Our technical consultants work closely with you and your wider organisation to install new applications, introduce change across your team, and resolve any issues that may arise along the way. We’re here to ensure you’re getting the most value from your software, and support your team as your people adopt new working practices to maximise performance and boost outcomes.


We’re here to support you and your team to install new project controls applications and software, and ensure any new installations are implemented with existing systems in mind. Our technical consultants will help you better coordinate the installation process to reduce risk, and ensure the right tools are in place to support your team as they take increasingly data-driven approaches to project planning and management. We take measures to verify all new installations are fully aligned with your business goals, testing and configuring new systems to ensure they’re ready to boost project efficiency.


Our technical consultants provide expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to help you and your team derive the most value from your technical infrastructure and new project controls systems. We work with you to streamline system usage, develop efficient and effective technical processes, and eradicate sticking points or bottlenecks in existing ways of working to help you get more from your digital setup. As ‘outsiders’, Primaned consultants view your technical processes from a fresh perspective, identifying what’s working, and suggesting improvements to help all stakeholders achieve more.


Primaned technical consultants are skilled in the resolution of both basic and complex issues that may arise during the implementation of new technical solutions or following new system installation. Our technical consultants analyse and evaluate project controls applications to identify potential issues before they become problems for your team, as well as working closely with users to navigate any challenges that they’re facing when using the software. We ensure that your systems are working at optimal levels and generating the most value, troubleshooting any problems in data migration, security, optimisation and extensions in a timely manner.

Making Digital Transformation Easier Than Ever

Embracing digital transformation and introducing new software into project management and planning teams can elevate your business and enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions that drive your projects in the right direction. However, when new solutions aren’t introduced in the most effective or strategic way, the value, benefits and return on investment promised can easily become lost. Working with an experienced Primaned technical consultant is key to your success.

What is a Technical Consultant?

A technical consultant works closely with organisations to implement new digital solutions, support teams as they adopt new technologies, and resolve any issues during the change process to ensure that teams are able to get the most from their tools. Our technical consultants become involved in the process from the moment you sign up for Oracle Primavera P6, Primavera Cloud, or other tooling licenses, standing by your side every step of the way to roll out new solutions successfully from the start. We’re also here to help you upgrade existing applications and maintain project controls tools to make sure they’re always aligning with your team’s needs and ultimate business goals.

Why Work With an Expert?

While new technical solutions can be implemented and rolled out in-house, there are concerns that the more comprehensive project controls software solutions such as Oracle Primavera could introduce installation complexities that cannot be effectively managed exclusively by in-house project teams. This is especially true for organisations lacking a dedicated and broadly experienced IT team. DIY installations are also notorious for being highly time consuming, taking customers between 3-5 days on average. In contrast, Primaned’s technical consultants can complete a standalone installation within 2 hours, and a database installation within one day.


At Primaned, our technical consultants work with clients all day, every day, giving them extensive knowledge and experience in installation of new applications across a wide range of sectors. This unrivalled experience significantly reduces the risk of errors, and ensures that every application is installed compliantly according to local standards. Our technical consultants are course leaders at Primaned Academy, giving them a n exhaustive understanding of project controls, and enabling them to share their insight to help your team embrace change. We are dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes, and can provide technical consultant support for large projects and smaller team issues alike.

The Growing Need for Technical Support

Technical consultants have long played a key role in the undertaking of large projects. However, as the landscape continues to evolve, we’re witnessing a growing need for this level of dedicated support across smaller projects, too. With the rise in SaaS and hybrid solutions, our technical consultants are here to ensure any new software integrates seamlessly into your current environment for simple, straightforward change. 

  • Specialists in Oracle Primavera installations
  • Bespoke support to meet your team’s needs
  • Online or remote support as required
  • Advice from leading experts in your field
  • Strong project controls background and experience
  • Experience of installing applications across multiple industries
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