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A24 Blankenburg connection

The accessibility of the Rotterdam region is very important for the economy. Besides Europe’s largest port complex and Greenport Westland, the Rotterdam region also offers space for a lot of activity. In order to continue to guarantee accessibility in this region and to stimulate economic growth in the area, the construction of the Blankenburg connection is necessary. A beautiful project in progress in the Rijnmond region.

New riverbank connection

Several studies show that there will be some urgent bottlenecks in the Rotterdam region after 2020. This will be at the expense of the quality of life and economic activity in the region. Think of the traffic jams in the Benelux tunnel. With the Blankenburg connection we are relieving this bottleneck, among other things. With the Blankenburg connection, road users have an alternative to ‘crossing’ the Scheur/de Nieuwe Waterweg.

Smooth traffic flow

With the Blankenburg connection we ensure a shorter travel time (smoother traffic flow), a reliable network and a good accessibility of the Rotterdam region. In addition, we contributing to the growth of the important economic centres: the Port of Rotterdam and Greenport Westland. Connection A15 with A20, located between Maassluis and Rozenburg, including the Aalkeet (land) tunnel and Blankenburg (zinc) tunnel. Primaned Project Advice is involved in the roll-out of the process planning management as well as management of the integral project planning.