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Oracle Primavera Cloud

For the project management professional, Oracle Primavera Cloud offers a set of tools to effectively manage simple to complex projects within a single platform. Cloud capabilities allow organizations to execute scoop management, planning management, cost management, resource management, risk management, and document collaboration all within a single software solution.

In addition, Cloud enables portfolio managers, executives, stakeholders and project managers to work efficiently at the portfolio level to prioritize and jointly select projects, using KPIs, scenarios, scenario comparisons and budget planning to determine which projects need to be executed during the planning cycle.

Many companies have three separate departments that work in three different tools and work in the same project. Planners and planners, focused on lack of time, may work in Oracle Primavera P6; Cost Estimators are likely to use special estimation tools to track and predict costs, while risk managers in a separate part of the company may have their own specialized tools. How do they know for sure that they are all working with the same dataset? Oracle Primavera Cloud provides a comprehensive software solution to take the guesswork out of the situation, transform the efficiency of project and portfolio management processes and revolutionize the accuracy of your reporting and forecasting.

Primaned is a European partner in the field of advice, sales, implementation and training of all Oracle Primavera products and services.

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In addition, Primaned is Oracle Primavera’s only support partner.

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