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Mero 1 – Offshore FPSO anchorage: Torpedo Pile installation

Ontwerp Uitvoering -

This project describes the services provided by Jumbo Maritime V.O.F. to support pre-installation of FPSO Guanabara.  The MERO-field is part of the LIBRA-block and be exploited by four FPSO’s of which FPSO Guanabara with a production capacity of 180.000 bpd, will be the first floating unit to start production on this field.  Jumbo Offshore V.O.F. has signed the contract with Petrobras for the services for installation of fixed points and abandonment of the anchoring system (spread mooring) of FPSO Guanabara and its flexible pipes and UEH, to be performed in Libra Field, Santos Basin.

The location of the activities will be 180km offshore from Rio de Janeiro. The water depth where the FPSO will operate, and thus the installation location, is approximately 1900 meters. The FPSO will be kept in position by a spread mooring system consisting of 24 mooring legs connected to the seabed with T-120 torpedo piles. In addition, 11 mooring legs will be installed to moor the flexible and umbilical lines which will be connected to the seabed with T-35 torpedo piles. Jumbo has never installed Torpedo piles in the seabed before, but is familiar with FPSO anchorage.

Primaned Projectadvies B.V. provided planners for the Mero-1 project. The work consists of creating the baseline planning, overall project schedule, engineering schedule, mobilization schedule and a variety of scenario schedules. The overall project schedule is used in conjunction with the baseline schedule to monitor project progress and adjust where required.

Zuid-Holland, Nederland

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