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Cable Termination & Testing Offshore Wind Farms


Offshore Energie Tender -

V&SH Offshore Solutions is an offshore contractor, specialized in testing and terminations, cable repairs and outfitting of offshore high voltage assets. They perform a wide range of offshore high voltage activities for the connection and maintenance of offshore wind assets, covering array, export or interconnecting cables. Their track record covers a multitude of wind farms and substations in North Western Europe. They employ the largest team of HV specialists in the industry.

Schedules were made for termination & testing of cables for tenders of the following Offshore Wind Farms:

  • Doggerbank A&B (UK, largest offshore wind farm in the world, 190 13MW wind turbine generator)
  • Fécamp (France)
  • Provence Grand Large (France, floating offshore wind farm)
  • St. Brieuc (France)
  • Kaskasi (Germany)
Zuid-Holland, Nederland

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