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The management of Primaned

Marcel Cornelius about Primaned

Primaned Project consultancy sees the market changing. In the past it was a question of supplying an engineer for use on a project, but now it is more and more a question of supplying a Primaned product or products by Primaned specialists. In this way, our clients are assured of a maximum return and the specialists involved can also support the existing organisations in securing the knowledge supplied in products and people. A challenge we gladly accept.

Paul Vogels about Primaned

Primaned is a true one-stop service provider in the field of Project Controls. You notice this in the total approach and atmosphere that we radiate as an organization.Where we used to be a software supplier of one specific product range, we are now a real consulting firm with the various business units.  We give advice on process or application level, implement the best software products and train our trainees as qualified project engineers. This focuses on the field of Project Controls in the most beautiful projects.

In terms of organisation and approach, Primaned has really developed into a club of people who, together, achieve a great result for the client. The result is visible in the service and quality with the right man or woman in the right place, but also in being together next to work. (With nice work you should also have fun at work) and do nice things with each other. Work hard, Play hard!

Primaned, PROUD to be a part of this.

Han Pekelharing about Primaned

With Primaned I strive for continuous optimization of Project Controls for complex projects. This goal is supported by our common passion in pioneering, defining and applying new techniques and standards for the application of Forensic, Strategic, Dynamic and Risk Scheduling Techniques in Multi-Interdisciplinary projects.

Enthusiasm, ambition, creativity and a strong analytical drive for Scheduling & Risk Engineering as an expert subject is what completes us as a team of specialists to achieve results. By using years of experience in systems, training and services combined with the energy of our young high potentials, we can serve our clients with one-stop solutions.

Managing, growing and developing this group of specialists is my personal reward in this approach that moves us and our customers further ahead in time and technology.

Mark Schenk about Primaned

We started more than 20 years ago with a small team as a software supplier and are proud to have successfully developed Primaned into a fully-fledged consultancy firm of 65 FTEs in the field of project management. In this development we have been able to maintain our core values. The team feeling, the Rotterdam mentality (tackling and straightforward), open and honest business, passion for the profession project Controls, are still important factors for our success. The team spirit, the Rotterdam mentality (tackling and straightforward), open and honest business, passion for the profession project Controls, are still important factors for our success.

Our mix of experienced and young ambitious specialists who work closely with our clients to achieve the highest possible result also regularly organize ‘fun’ activities. A Friday afternoon drink, sporty outings and even a long weekend with the whole team to Porto has made Primaned a close team. Tackling when necessary and there is time for personal development and ‘fun’ when possible.

We are also proud of our (market) growth. We have secured the loyalty of leading international software suppliers and together with the development of our specialist knowledge and experience, we now have international clients in the UK and Germany.

The high level of knowledge, development and results, colleagues and team spirit, atmosphere, makes working at Primaned personally challenging and special for me.