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We also plan cool things outside working hours!

The fact that we can work well together within working hours is the most important thing, the more fun if we get along well outside of working hours. Primaned’s DNA is hard to grasp in one word. We therefore use three: content, fun and appreciation.

Of course, content is at 1. We guarantee our customer a high standard around Project Controls. Our colleagues are well and personally trained. This is done through our own Academy, but also with personal guidance the first months by our Training & Development manager and colleagues who have been employed for a long time. In this way, we ensure that our new colleague reaches the Primaned level in a short time and thus gets the green light to prove himself outside and help the customer. This way, the customer can always count on quality. We also monitor this content throughout the year. With our own knowledge base, everyone can trace the more than 30 years of experience we have gained. Every year we have four knowledge evenings, one knowledge day and you can follow all the necessary training courses that you need for your daily work. We don’t work with a training budget, but with utility and necessity for targeted training per person. If you need something, of course this is possible. We also organise permanent training courses from Primaned where everyone gets the opportunity to follow this. This can be done from soft skills training, business English to advice & leadership skills. So you never stand still no matter how long you work with us.

Pleasure is importance to us. Without pleasure, one will never achieve the success that we and our colleague himself have in mind. Despite the fact that most of the projects we do are at the client’s premises, we often try to get our colleagues to work from our office in Capelle as well. In this way there is automatic knowledge transfer, but the colleagues also see each other a lot and there is a lot of interaction. For knowledge transfer we have also situated workplaces around a bar.  Not that we stand at the bar all day, but this is a meeting place where coziness and content meet. Discussing the content in an informal way where everyone can connect brings a lot to our organization. This knowledge centre makes people happy to come together in the Capelse. On Friday afternoon there is a drink for who is in the office. There is a Formula 1 competition, for the fastest driver on the Playseat when you need a little distraction after a few hours of hard work. In addition, we have 3-4 company outings a year of which 1 with partner, but we also don’t skip Sinterklaas and Christmas. Fun in your work and bonding with your colleagues makes the value of Primaned.

Besides the content and pleasure, we do not shy away from expressing our appreciation to you. We are a Rotterdam company where we say what it’s all about. In order to achieve the quality that we all strive for and make you better and develop you, we indicate that something has to be and can be improved, we also indicate it when something is going well. Throughout the year, we evaluate each other in order to keep abreast of each other and each other’s development. At the end of the year there is a well-founded end-of-year meeting, in which the terms of employment and expectations can be discussed openly.

We think we have a fantastic company where everyone works together on the most beautiful and wonderful technical projects with great pleasure challenge.