Without Primavera Wemo can no longer work

As customers demand increasingly shorter delivery times, suppliers need their raw materials and means of production at a shorter notice. WEMO in ‘s Hertogenbosch uses Primavera to control the turnaround time of its production lines.

Wemo constructs special machines for the sheet-metal working industry. The highly computerized machines produce finished and/or semi finished products for the lighting industry, domestic appliances, construction and furniture industry and any other branch that involves the punching and bending of sheets that have a thickness of up to 2 mm. Each production line is specially developed for a customer, and always differs from all previous lines. Wemo develops and supplies production lines in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux. Each machine is divided into functional parts, stations. Every station consists of a frame, an undercarriage, tools and bending or compressing units.

Process Control

When customers place an order, they have three demands: quality, price and time of delivery. From quotation to follow-up, the primary process of each production line is controlled in Primavera. On average, 50 projects per week must be controlled, with a sum of circa 5 000 activities. Jan Engelberts, manager of process control: “Before, we just stored all knowledge in our head, it was hit and run. The current amount of projects makes that impossible. With Primavera, we have full control of all activities. It provides us with a detailed overview of status, occupation, activities and available time until the next phase in the project. When a machine is handed over from one phase to another, a quality control takes place at the same time. These so called Q-moments are registered and controlled in Primavera.” By using a good Work Breakdown Structure, Primavera offers a clear insight on a detailed and on management level, for the needed process control.


Wemo is responsible for the engineering, construction and assembly of the machine lines. The parts must be present at the right moments. “The detailed planning of the standard components and delivery parts takes place at the level of the department. The process of engineering, purchase, suppliers and assembly on the other hand takes place in Primavera. Because of the growing economy, our suppliers receive more orders, which makes it more difficult to establish short delivery times. With Primavera, Wemo can send out orders earlier and has time to find possible other suppliers.” Primavera has a high functionality for Wemo. “With the database, I can make a division of subprojects, to which means are assigned (people, durable production means, budgets, work space). Primavera provides us with a fast insight on management level of turnaround times and disruptions of these. At the level of the departments, all activities are divided into detail. We know exactly in which week the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical construction of a machine must take place.”

Production Operating

For Wemo, Primavera functions mainly as a tool to detect and correct deviations during the primary process. All data are entered into Primavera every week and at every department. At the department of process control, all data are processed and a new week planning is provided for the entire company and for each department. The control of time and means and the feedback to the primary process are important in respect of ISO 9001. “We run an entire department based on Primavera’s weekly reports. Without this system, it is very difficult to stay in control of each project at several departments. The main advantage of Primavera is that you can look at data objectively and search for alternatives. The mutual understanding and the communication between the departments have also benefited from that.”