The challenges faced by utilities are numerous: from rising regulatory pressures and consumer demand for lower prices, to a shortage in a skilled workers and the need for cleaner forms of energy. To succeed in this marketplace, utilities - including power generation, transmission and distribution, gas and water - must carefully manage their projects and resources, while controlling costs and mitigating project risks.
With Oracle's Primavera solutions, utilities can successfully select, plan and execute projects across the enterprise, including outages, maintenance and capital expansion projects.

Oracle's Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions allow organizations to do the following:
  • Manage financial performance by investing in and delivering capital and maintenance projects with less risk and superior returns.
  • Optimize operational metrics such as craft productivity, by ensuring that the right people are on the right project at the right time.
  • Enhance contractor collaboration through schedule integration analysis.
  • Create "what-if" scenarios, allowing all levels of project stakeholders to see how even a slight contingency will affect the project and how different responses will have an impact on the budget and schedule.
  • Capture key industry knowledge and establish best practices across the enterprise to reduce the impact of resource shortages due to attrition.