Turnaround management

With the project management tool MainTasc Enterprise you will get the most our of your projects team. The solution supports your project from Initiation to Evaluation. MainTasc Enterprise consists of a desktop application and additional web modules: Manager, Contractor and Warehouse.

With decreasing profits, higher risk, increasing competition, project-specific companies in the construction and engineering market, or companies in the (petro-) chemical and energy market cannot allow for any mistake. A failing project, a long lasting (de-) commissioning, ad hoc maintenance on installations – they often have a great impact, and not just financially…

From Initiation right up to Evaluation

From the initiation to scaling the scope of work, from preparation and execution right up to evaluation: MainTasc Enterprise takes care of things throughout your entire project. The system is exceptionally user-friendly and ensures that you keep an overview of all details of the project at any time.

MainTasc brings out the best in your project team!

Ensuring everyone has the correct data at the right moment … MainTasc pulls it off! The synergy of your project team is optimal and your employees achieve higher efficiency. As a result, your project will be finalised successfully, even quicker, and with an absolute minimum loss in costs or time.

Essential features

MainTasc Enterprise produces essential features, so your work processes continue smoothly, throughout the entire project:

  • Document Management - MainTasc saves all documents which are important for the maintenance of your Site, Plan and Projects.
  • Workflpw management - MainTasc gives your processes maximum support, fully controls them and improves the workflow.
  • Dashboard - A dashboard helps managers and users to analyse data.
  • Reports & Analyses - Because of advanced reporting possibilities and queries, all data becomes most transparent.

1 system, 3 layers, hunderds of projects

With MainTasc, you will master a number of projects at the same time, exchange mutual information easily and you will use and manage the information much more efficiently. The reason why? The system is built up out of three levels: Location, Plant and Project.


Each library contains general, repetitive information, which is useful for all installations and their projects. In the library you will find among others the following codes:

  • Suppliers - An overview of all your suppliers for services and materials.
  • Resources – The resource structure contains all resources needed to execute the project.
  • Activities – Standard activities are the bases for Templates which form the bases for the work preparation.
  • Templates – By combining the standard activities, resources and activity related risk analysis, you can create templates for all kind of objects.
  • Task Risk Analysis – Risk matrices help in assessing risks
  • Norm tables – In order to calculate the duration and costs of an activity adequate, norm tables can be used.
  • Object profiles – All objects are different. Therefore profiles can be used to indicate which templates and norm tables are applicable for the different types of objects.
  • Material catalogues – To order and supply materials as efficiently as possible, a catalog can be used.


This layer contains the structures of your plants, including the entire object structure of your plants and the blind locations for efficiently creating safety lists.


Is the scope of the project set? You can start with the preparation! Scoping management, work preparation, material management, Cost management, commissioning, Reports & Analyses ... MainTasc has a solution for every part of your project.

Our strengths: 

  • Scope management – Enables the efficient management of your regular scope as well as your scope changes.
  • Progress Monitoring – Supplies an excellent overview of the statuses of all your projects.
  • Work preparation – All that a good preparation needs in just one screen.
  • Costs management – Makes managing the cost of your project efficiently and transparently.
  • Material management – Trace the status of all required materials from reservation to hand out.
  • Scheduling – MainTasc gets everything ready for a seamless transition of schedule information to scheduling software such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.
  • Commissioning – Using check lists you can hand over your project flawlessly and missing items will be handled properly.