Primaned provides professional support, which (by telephone or e-mail) answers the questions of the users of our project management software quickly and adequately. Our service desk staff are highly qualified software engineers who understand project management and are therefore able to answer both your system technical and planning questions.

The support department is open from 09.00 in the morning until 17.00 in the afternoon. Your mail will be directly connected to one of our employees who can help you directly. If you are not able to call us, you can also mail us. We will contact you as soon as possible, by phone or e-mail. Please have your Customer Support Identifier (CSI) number at hand for prompt handling ofyour questions.

Primaned Support:

Monday through Friday 09.00h - 17.00rh.

  • Oracle Primavera tools     +31 10 28 62 158
  • Oracle Primavera SLA:     +31 10 28 62 158
  •  PMWeb tools:                  +31 85 02 11 090

E-mail Oracle Primavera support :
E-mail PMWeb support: