Project planning with Primavera P6 Professional

Primavera P6 Professional is the Client-Server module of Primavera P6 EPPM. Large-scale, complex projects require a project management solution. Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional was designed with the focus on large-scale, multidisciplinary and multi-faceted projects. It gives project managers and planners what they need most − control.

  • Large projects, extensive data
    Primavera P6 Professional (the successor to the well-known Primavera Project Planner, P3) is the recognised standard for high-performance, integral project management software and uses the latest ICT technologies.

    This Microsoft Windows software can be used for multiple projects with 100,000 activities and an unlimited number of resources. Many types of data require advanced but very flexible tools so that activities, projects and resources can be organised, selected and sorted in different ways, thus giving the clearest insight into projects.

  • Standalone or Multi-user
    The application is available for standalone users, who can use it to manage their own integral project planning. It is also possible to use Primavera P6 Professional in planning departments. The central project database makes it possible to work with several users in the same environment at the same time (in the same projects).
  • Extensive planning functionalities
    An extensive set of planning functionalities is required to set up complex project planning schedules. Primavera P6 Professional has all of these functionalities, which makes it possible to draw up extremely precise (multi-project) planning schedules with a robust, predictable scheduling engine (based on the Critical Path Method). 

Our strengths: 

  • Efficient and effective resourcemanagement.
  • Plan, schedule and manage complexe projects.
  • Monitor and visualize the project progress compared to the schedule.
  • Execute what-if analysis and alternative project plans.