Professional Services

Achieving sustainable and profitable growth in the professional services industry can be a real challenge. Professional service organizations are expanding into new markets, globalizing domestic accounts, and pursuing information-intensive vertical markets. As any professional service organization knows, sustaining growth and translating it into profits isn't easy. Understanding global demand; creating differentiated service and product offerings in order to fend off competition; and maximizing resource utilization are crucial. Professional services organizations must properly price offerings and accurately forecast revenue. Success depends on visibility and insight into the opportunity pipeline and across the entire portfolio of projects.

Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions help firms to do the following:
  • Reduce uncertainty by enabling them to gain complete visibility and control over their portfolio of projects, distributed teams, and subcontractors.
  • Objectively evaluate, prioritize and select the most profitable projects.
  • Ensure effective collaboration and communication.

By aligning the right resources with the right projects, firms can meet resource demand, while improving customer and employee satisfaction - resulting in increased profitability and high-performing asset retention. 


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