Dashboards with a qlick

Integrated project management is becoming increasingly important. More and more of our daily activities are in a form of a project; development of new products, partnerships in consortia to realize A-roads, custom orders, etc. This requires in addition to very good project management on the individual project, deliver within scope, time and budget, also control on a higher level of the entire project portfolio; integrated project management. 


A picture is worth 1.000 words certainly when it concernts business decisions. KPI's dashboards, infographics are the control mechanisms selected by management. Primaned committed to make these insights available for management level for those in charge of projects, programs and portfolios. 

Primaned recognizes this trend and therefore certainly plays together with its partners on it. Qlik has recognized Primaned as a specialist and added to its partner community. Using the specialist knowledge, that Qlik has, it is possible to create easy and quick visuals of comprehensive project management insights. This underlying data can be combined into a single view. For example, the financial project information linked to the planning and combined with the KPI's of HR without digital liks between the systems.  

The only question you have to ask your organizatio: How do we want to manage our projects?

Our strengths: 

  • Use data sources for a complete view of information
  • Implement everywhere, on any device
  • Customizable
  • Governed data with flexible rules