Primaned Relatics Connector

Relatics is a frequently used software application used for System Engineering (SE). In Relatics the user is able to capture the system specifications. Governments increasingly let marketspecialist determine how construction projects take place, it becomes more important to that clients specifications are captured and interpreted correctly. Primavera P6 EPPM is a widely used Project Management System in the construction-sector. Many companies work with both systems and much data is inserted in both Relatics and Primavera P6 EPPM. Often this involves the same data. This unnecessary work is very inefficient and is prone for errors. A typo is made easily. The need to connect these two system arises quickly.

The "Primaned Relatics Connector" is a generic and flexible interface designed by Primaned BV.. It enables the users of Relatics and Primavera P6 EPPM to synchronize data between these two systems. The connector is generic in nature since it can be configured to work with any Relatics and Primavera P6 environment. Flexible because you determine which data is synchronized where and when. A Relatics environment is linked to a project in Primavera P6 EPPM. In a configuration file you design the synchronization-rules. For instance, you can import an objecttree from Relatics into Primavera P6. The activities created in Primavera P6 can then be linked to the imported Relatics objectstree. After you have scheduled the project in Primavera P6 you can send the Early Start and Late Finish per object to Relatics. It is also possible to import people from Relatics to the resource library in Primavera P6. If you want the same data to be exchanged with another Relatics environment then you can easily copy the previously created configuration for the new Relatics environment.
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Primaned Relatics Connector works with the following Primavera P6 applications:
  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • Primavera P6 Professional

Frequently asked questions


  1. Is it a Webbased solution?
    No, the Primaned Relatics Connector is a standalone-application.
  2. Can it be installed on a server?
    Yes, this is possible.
  3. Can it be installed on a workstation?
    Yes, this is possible.
  4. Can it handle multiple Primavera P6 databases?
    No, the interface works with one Primavera P6 database. However it can work with multiple instances in one database.
  5. How does the interface handle the deletion of data?
    The interface does not delete data. It only adds data or edits it.

  6. On which technology is the Primaned Relatics Connector based?
    The Relatics side uses Web-Services, while the Primavera P6-end uses the Integration API.

If you are interested in Primaned Relatics Connector? Please contact Primaned. 

Our strengths: 

  • No double entry of the same data.
  • Less chance of errors and typos.
  • Scaleable and simple in usage.
  • Flexibel data exchange.
  • Quick to configure single new data integraion configurations
  • Work efficiently.