NV Eurostation - Better and faster control over project thanks to Primavera

Eurostation develops large-scale projects around railway locations in Belgium, in particular around the HST terminals. In short, Eurostation takes care of all aspects in and around the stations – including escalators, shops and offices – except the rails. With Primavera, Eurostation possesses a powerful tool to plan and manage projects.

Commissioned by the Belgian National Railway Company (NMBS), Eurostation performs architectural and structural studies. After assignment of the location by the NMBS, Eurostation develops and sells the project and manages the property. The profits go to the NMBS. Eurostation is divided into three pillars: studies, projects and real estate. A few years ago, the company experienced a considerable growth and today it is located in Brussels, Antwerp and Gent. On average, Eurostation works on thirty projects in Belgium. These are multimillion projects such as the development of the HST stations Brussels South and Antwerp Central Station. At this moment, Eurostation also works abroad on similar projects, for example in Rumania.

Employees the most important resource

As an engineering company, Eurostation’s 140 employees are the most important resource. A. Sadegh is responsible for coordination and planning at Eurostation. Sadegh: “Whenever we take on a new project, we start with planning the project in relation to time. Who will participate, what will be the costs? We have architects, engineers, electro technicians, installation technicians, et cetera, working on our projects. We then examine whether the project as we have planned it fits in our budget. If this is the case, the project can start, if not, the plans need to be adjusted.” Sadegh is responsible for planning, resources and budget and works closely together with project leaders who are responsible for the realization of the projects.

Precise planning

For Eurostation, precise planning of the use of resources in the projects is essential, as well as managing the projects – which mainly means managing the use of manpower. “When I started to work here four years ago, my position was new. I had full liberty to purchase software for project management. At my previous job, I had already been working with the powerful program Primavera, and I introduced it here as well. We mainly needed a good solution for time registration. We used a very time-consuming procedure for the hour registration. All employees filled in their hours in Excel sheets, which then were collected manually per project. It was a system that was time-consuming and very sensitive to mistakes. It could occur that an employee registered hours on a wrong project or that something went wrong in adding the amounts. Reports for one month would not be ready before the end of the next month, although it is crucial to be able to make adjustments in time.“ Eurostation needed a better solution and found it in Primavera. Before Sadegh installed the time registration program, he had eleven persons within the organization test it. “They were all enthusiastic. It is easy to use, saves time and eliminates mistakes. It is for example not possible to register hours on other projects than the ones you are working on. The main advantages of Primavera Enterprise are that I have more control, quicker access to the reports and that I save time.”

Exchanging data

Besides Primavera, Eurostation also uses MS Project and Primavera’s Sure Trak Manager. “Many smaller companies work with programs as Sure Trak Project Manager and MS Project. In order to be able to exchange data with them, it is good to also work in these programs. The advantage of Primavera is that I can import data from and export data to the other project software we use”.