Primaned gave direction to its social responsibility (CSR) by drawing up a program of initiatives. One of these initiatives is the publication of our CSR value by publishing this foundation associated with the NEN-ISO26000 self-declaration. Primaned will operate from an optimum balance between economic progress and social development taking into account environmental factors.

Sustainability and social responsibility are concepts that require more than just good intentions. The self-declaration NEN-ISO26000 a chief step is put to formalize taking social responsibility and to submit accountability to our stakeholders. This means that we give deliberate and structured content to a social role that our company has respect for now and for future generations. By embedding the concept of CSR integrated into Primaned, and from giving our own strength content, as we know now can hit a demonstrable link between our good intentions and practical applications (more) value thereof.
CSR Pillars
Through knowledge building sustainable construction techniques, we can the consequences of choices (weighted) let take in projects for our clients. Effects of a CSR responsible approach is modeled and the impact made transparent so that the project prositief influenced and made manageable. The in project- and organizations gained, knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis to commit to including non-profit and charitable institutions.
CSR Principles
The ambition of Primaned is connected to Corporate Social Responsibility. A positive contribution to want to provide our stakeholders and the society has contributed to the creation of this self-declaration. Evaluation and review of this self declaration will be an annual part of our quality cycle. Primaned is aware that it has both positive and negative effects on society, the economy and the environment. Primaned is hereby open to innovative solutions and to stakeholders. The board sets itself to help implement the objective concern for the safety, health and welfare of its employees as well as those of third parties. Primaned applies policy in the field of Health and Safety, VCU and NEN 4400 certified. To ensure good working practices and safe workplaces is periodically performed a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI & E).
Primaned take as much openness, visibility and accessibility for our stakeholders. In the CSR initiatives starting document describes how will utilize Primaned opportunities for a better society. It concerns activities that go further than the law requires, from social commitment and an ambitious vision for the future. We ensure that our policies, decisions and activities that affect the environment are known to our stakeholders. We put our stakeholders informed of our activities. Primaned organizes twice a year a meeting for all employees in which they are informed about vision, policies, achievements and future plans.
For the full "Rationale Document CSR Self-Declaration NEN ISO26000 (Dutch)