Your organization has strategic goals in the area of ​​enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM). It is important to know what the current status is to determine how and in what time frame those goals can be realized. The Primaned Maturity Scan maps the maturity levels of your organization in the field of EPPM. Work processes, knowledge and skills, culture, tools, etc., are all important aspects and are part of the Maturity Scan. The standard scan takes 10 days and consists of analyzing the current and desired situation (3 days), creating a so-called 'gap analysis and a final report including advice (7 days).

The current situation is queried through workshops and / or conducting interviews. Based on fixed set of characteristics per subject, the maturity levels are objectively scored by the consultant. On the basis of these scorecards the current situation will be analyzed.

The desired situation is defined on basis of customer documentation, as well as input given by the customer during workshops and / or interviews. Important issues are:

  • What are the objectives?
  • What is the vision?
  • What does the future organization look like?
  • What is the information?
The difference between the current and desired situation is visualized through a gap analysis.  The Gap Analysis assesses the organization on all dimensions of EPPM. The outome of the Gap Analysis will be used to advise on focus areas and improvements.

The findings and conclusions identify Quicks-Wins and describes how the desired end state can be realized. Quicks-Wins increase acceptance of the change method and motivation for the following implementation phases. Our aim is to deliver a Quick-Win within 90 days.

An objective assessment of the maturity of your organization against the best practices in your industry gives your organization understanding on the feasibility of goals. The research and the conclusions of the Maturity Scan are presented in a final report by the consultant.